Theodore Syrette / Ozhawa Anung Kwe

Two-spirit Advocate

Baawaating/Batchewana First Nation - Rankin Reserve

Teddy Syrette (Ozhawa Anung/Ozhawa Anung Kwe) is a brown, 2Spirit, Anishinabek person of Baawaating/Batchewana First Nation - Rankin Reserve. Teddy uses they/them as their pronouns, and has been a 2spirit/Queer-Trans Indigenous advocate for 20 years. While studying social work at Sault College, Teddy began to learn more about the history, experiences and people who are 2Spirit and/or Queer/Trans and Indigenous or Queer Trans Indigenous People (QTIP). Which is now their primary focus with art and advocacy. Teddy has been recognized for their work including the 2018 Sault Ste. Marie YMCA Peace Medal, the 2018 Planned Parenthood Toronto LGBTQ+ Person of the Year Award and also the Bonham Centre Award in 2017 and recently Teddy was acclaimed as one of the title holders of International 2Spirit Warrior by the International 2Spirit Planning Committee of 2021. They also won Indigenous Business Person of the year by the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce in 2023. Teddy’s work in Indigenous, gender and sexuality diversity and inclusion, has brought them to many parts of Turtle Island to share their story of survival and revival. In 2022, with the help of their friend Bebe Lala, they created the first 2Spirit/Indigenous drag troupe called the House of Ever Sick. Their drag name is Bette U. Wanna of Batchewana.