Rita Mannella

Student Academic Lead

Matawa Education

My name is Rita Mannella and I have been a teacher for grades SK-12, Adult Education at the College level, a Modern Languages Chairperson, and Literacy Consultant for over 30 years. My background has been shaped by the amazing task of teaching so many students and sharing experiences and knowledge with so many education professionals, from varied backgrounds of culture, language, traditions, communities and skills. As an educator I have written curriculum, reviewed and revised assessment and evaluation policy documents, participated in numerous projects related to literacy, student assessment and evaluation, curriculum design, and the development of Professional Learning Communities at the local, regional and provincial level. Education still remains my passion. I continue to see the value in finding new ways to help students learn, while realizing that during that journey, students continue to teach me how to teach.I look forward to embracing my role as the Matawa Education & Care Centre Student Success Lead, as a member of the PASS team.