Olivia Merko

Student Nutrition Program Coordinator

Matawa Education

Olivia currently holds the position of Student Nutrition Program Coordinator, within the Matawa Education PASS team. Olivia’s deep interest in the ability of food to have profound, lasting effects on our minds, bodies and souls was strengthened and put into practice while obtaining her undergraduate degree at Lakehead University in the field of biology. She strongly believes in a holistic, sustainable approach to food and nutrition practices to support learning, growth, and healthy development for all ages. Olivia has also gained ample knowledge through various nutrition courses which has helped her immensely during her journey to become a nationally qualified fitness competitor. When not at work or in the gym, Olivia can be found spending time outside in nature with her dogs, cooking up meals and baking for family and friends, working at one of her many craft endeavours or enjoying a nice cup of tea with a good book.